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YU developed source technology for treatment of colorectal cancer … A new anticancer drug is expected. N

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  • Date : 2022.06.23 09:56
  • Publication Date : 2022.06.10
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Thesis of Professors KIM Ji-hoe and Sana Iram of Department of Biomedical Engineering was inserted in recent version of a famous international journal.

Development of source technology for treatment of colorectal cancer with use of a material to suppress activation of colorectal cancer cell proliferation regulatory protein

Successive study is planned to develop new drugs for treatment of colorectal cancer … Large interest by domestic/foreign biology & drug companies

[June 10, 2022]


<From the left, Professor KIM Ji-hoe and Research Professor Sana Iram of YU Department of Biomedical Engineering>

The research team of Professor KIM Ji-hoe of Department of Biomedical Engineering of YU (President CHOI Oe-chool) developed source technology for treatment of colorectal cancer with suppression of proliferation of colorectal cancer cells.

  The research team developed serum protein TN to control cancer cell proliferation and metastasis and identified colorectal cancer cell-specific proliferation control by such protein. Also, the team found high level of TN protein activation suppressant in green tea and identified colorectal cancer cell proliferation control effect of such substance. Such result of research is evaluated as source technology for development of an effective and safe new anticancer drug for treatment of colorectal cancer.

  Colorectal cancer is one of domestic representative drugs and ranks at 3rd position in domestic cancer incidences. Especially, Korea is known as Rank 1 country of colorectal cancer incidence in the world. Colorectal cancer may be simply excised if it is diagnosed early in time. However, operational excision is limited depending on progress of cancer and, due to high risk of recurrence and metastasis, chemotherapy and radiotherapy should be concurrently applied.

  Various anticancer substances have been developed and used for cancer treatment until now but most anticancer drugs are limited in terms of their effects and side effects. Especially, various researches are conducted to develop specific targets and activation suppressants for development of anticancer drugs with specific effects and guaranteed safety for treatment of colorectal cancer and such result of research attracts attention of academic and industrial societies.

  Professor KIM Ji-hoe disclosed his successive research plan, “The performance of research will be the source technology to overcome current limitation in treatment of colorectal cancer. We have a plan to develop a new drug to overcome the limitation in current colorectal cancer drugs by identifying clear mechanism of TN protein to control progress and metastasis of colorectal cancer and by developing more effective TN activation suppressants.”

  The research team applied patent registration of the developed technology and domestic/foreign bio drug developers and manufacturers showed large interest in the research result and new drug development plan of YU.

  In the research, Research Professor Sana Iram and Professor KIM Ji-hoe of YU Department of Biomedical Engineering participated as lead author and corresponding author, respectively, and the research was conducted with the support by Basic Research Project (outstanding scientists of engineering research institutes and local colleges) by National Research Foundation of Korea and Project for Development of Foods of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries by Korea Institute of Planning and Evaluation for Technology in Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. The research result was 연구결과는inserted in International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (6.953 of IF), a famous international journal in the area of target molecules for treatment of diseases, in June 2022.