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Sociology is a discipline for understanding how people live in a community and it tries to explain the social phenomena to create a better society.

Sociology is a comprehensive science that pursues various approaches to modern society, and therefore, sociology majors have a wide variety of choices in careers that they can choose from.

Educational Objectives
  1. To inspire students to have an intellectual insight into the human society in order for them to objectively and comprehensively understand social phenomena.
  2. To teach students the methods and skills that they need to scientifically examine and analyze social phenomena.
  3. To encourage students to have a wide range of knowledge in sociology and in the fields of humanities and social sciences and to acquire the qualities as a global leader.
  4. To let students gain the ability to apply sociological theories and methodologies.
  5. To enhance students' interest in and understanding of the local society in order to increase their capacities to contribute to the development of local societies.


Yeungnam University Department of Sociology received governmental approval to establish a 40-student department from the Ministry of Education in September 1979 and began recruiting students in 1980. Since its establishment the department has produced approximately 1,114 graduates (as of February 2012). Currently it has an enrollment of 160 undergraduate students.
A teachers' certificate program (socal studies education in secondary schools) has also been offered in the department from the beginning. Part of the students (30% at the beginning, 20% from 1997 to the present) are allowed to enroll in this program. The department has been able to produce several secondary school teachers every year.

The Department of Sociology, together with various departments in the College of Liberal Arts, were integrated into the School of Social Sciences in 1999. In 2005, the School of Social Sciences was dissolved and it once again became independent as the Department of Sociology.

In 1990 approval was given to establish a master's degree program in the department and a Ph.D. program began to be offered in 2000. For the last two decades of graduate education, seventeen students received their master's degrees and four their doctorates from the department. As of March 2010, the department has a graduate enrollment of thirteen.

Job Fields

There are many different career paths for students to follow after graduation.
Students can become public employees or find work in the media, advertising companies, marketing companies, financial institutions, research centers, middle schools and high schools, or become lawyers by enrolling in law schools.

Certifications that may be acquired are:
  • Middle and high school teacher certification (General social studies education, Integrated social studies education)
  • Social investigation analyzer (Must pass a qualification test)
  • Certified Public Labor Attorney (Must pass the national bar examination)
  • Social worker
  • Life-long educator


  • Park Seung Woo,Professor

    • The University of Georgia Development Sociology, Political Sociology
  • Chung YongKyo,Professor

    • Kyungpook National Univ. sociology
  • Huh Changdeog,Professor

    • Southern Illinois University sociology

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