College of Design & Art


1. Educational Objectives

The Major of Painting concentrates on mastering various materials and techniques of eastern and western painting, including engraving and photography, image and installation and media art. We offer intensive theory classes in oriental and occidental painting allowing for a thorough understanding of significant historical and contemporary art practices. Our program centers on the individual creative development of each student in preparation for taking on a leading role in contemporary art practice.

2. Great Facilities

Our facilities encompass spacious painting studios, high-end Transart studios, equipment loan center, photographic studio, black-and-white photography dark room, digital and analog print workshops, computer lab, 2D/3D multimedia lab, clay modeling workshop, stone sculpture workshop, metal and wood workshops.

The Chunma Art Center Gallery at Yeungnam University provides a Museum level exhibition space and our campus features a world class central library with an outstanding selection of Art books and periodicals.

3. Specialized Curriculum

General foundation education, multi-disciplinary curriculum across different subjects, media and techniques, practical centered creative workshop, studio class with each professor. Our faculty consists of a diverse team of professors and lecturers with international experience and complementing fields of expertise, educated in Korea, Japan, America and Europe.


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Regular Middle School Teacher level 2, Culture and Arts Education level 2, Computer Graphics Designer, Web Designer

Job Fields

Graduate school, painter, teacher (middle school, kindergarten, academy, culture center), art director (cinema), designer (stage, advertisement), art therapist, art critic, exhibition planner, art and science researcher (museum), curator, art director (print media), culture planner.