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The Department of History enhances the student's broad understanding of mankind and the world as well as academic thinking abilities through comprehensive and systematic programs on world history in order to achieve its goal of achieving well-balanced knowledge on history.

In particular, we strive to overcome the blind patriotism and nationalism in response to the internationalization and globalization era, while objectifying Korean history within world history.

It is generally categorized as either Eastern or Western history, in which Chinese history, Japanese history, Silk Road history and Northeast Asian history is included in Eastern, while British, American, French, German and Russian history are included in Western. Furthermore, because of the characteristics of foreign history, there are many students who double major in language courses such as Chinese, Japanese, English, French etc. In addition, students can also take courses in interpreting cultural properties and working in museums.

After graduation, students can use their vast historical perspectives and rich education and linguistic abilities to work as educators, researchers and in fields related to international exchange and trade.


The Department of History was established at the founding of Yeungnam University when Daegu University and Cheonggu University was integrated.

The goal of the Department of History was to help students and intellectuals in the Daegu and Yeungnam region understand the humanistic value that human spirits have pursued through past and current historical cases in the East and West via studying history, while also helping students establish a historical conception in order to set the direction for the future.
History, which examines the actual facts behind cases in the past and human relationships, is the basis for various academic fields such as liberal arts and social sciences. In addition, it identifies the general flow of the Zeitgeist and therefore, history is a comprehensive science.

The Department of History was a general history department that included Korean history, Eastern history and Western history at the time of establishment. In 1973, because of the trends of the time, there was no choice but to separate the Korean history field to the Korean history department, and therefore the Department of History had to temporarily change its name to the 'Department of Foreign History'.

After the separation of the Korean history department, the Department of History was operated with a curriculum focusing on world history based on Eastern and Western history. In 1975, it was returned to its original name of Department of History.
In January 1973, the Department of History opened master's degree programs and in January 1975, it opened PhD courses making it become a main player in the studies of humanities, and gained the opportunity to develop into a more matured stage. After 1973, the Department of History graduated 1,100 undergraduates, 42 masters and 19 PhDs as of 2004.
After graduation, students go on to work in educational and research institutions such as universities, museums and secondary schools, while some utilize their knowledge on the international world that they have learned at the Department of History to work as public employees or in the media or companies.
Some graduates go on to graduate school to continue their studies in history and earn their Master's or PhD in Eastern and Western history research.
This department selects outstanding graduates and recommends them to public and private secondary schools, press, government institutions and companies.

Job Fields

Education, publishing, press, research center, museum, corporate administration department, politics, economics, culture.
Instructor Certifications: 4 selected for history courses.


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