College of Liberal Arts


The English language and literature major offers a wide range of courses based on the study of humanities. The objective of the Department of English Language and Literature is to foster expertise in English through international grounding and systemized knowledge.

The objective for students majoring in English language and literature is to become leaders on an international scale. English language and literature majors are encouraged in the development of both their linguistic ability and cultural awareness. Students receive a humanities-based education that prepares them to enter a competitive job market in which the knowledge of international English is fundamental.

Students obtain knowledge in their major based on the latest theories of syntax, phonetics and English pedagogics. Students can also major in a second foreign language such as Chinese or Japanese. Further employment opportunities are available by double majoring in commerce or business related fields.

Utilizing a methodic review of theories, exercises and thorough literary education, the Department of English Language and Literature fosters experts in the English language who become the thriving centerpiece of globalization.

Job Fields

A major in English language and literature prepares students for diverse careers in media, trade, interpretation, translation, writing, publishing, copywriting, as well as broadcast or written journalism. Graduates of the program are also qualified to work in international companies and government positions, e.g. as embassy staff, overseas PR officers, and foreign affairs employees. Certification is available for those seeking opportunities as middle and high school teachers.


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