College of Engineering


The Department of Nano, Medical and Polymer Materials fosters human resources that can utilize and create nano and medical technologies based on organic materials engineering. The department will open up a new chapter in advanced science & technology in the 21st century through systematic and in-depth education on nano materials, medical materials, polymer materials, and fiber materials, as well as organic materials.

  • 1) Foster creative human resources that understand the knowledge in the related fields of nano and medical materials as well as organic materials.
  • 2) Foster engineers with excellent adaptability and with active mission capability
  • 3) Foster scientific personnel that can react to the information and intelligence-based society, as well as global trends
  • 4) Foster material engineers that can lead clean, healthy and sustainable industries that will contribute to the state and the society based on harmony between nature and humans


2012, Newly established as the Department of Nano, Medical and Polymer Materials

Job Fields

Industries in the field of biotechnology, biomedical engineering, electric and electronic materials, environment and clean technologies, petrochemical products, technical textiles, civil engineering and construction materials, aerospace, automobiles, nano and molecular design, etc.